What is Project?

It is the Istanbul Mall project, which will be built on a plot of 20396.70 square meters and all the necessary licenses have been extracted and on 03.03.2021, the construction of the project began.

Where is the Project ?

In the heart of the city square of Basaksehir, which is one of the fastest valuable areas in Istanbul, where it is located next to the new Basaksehir municipality, the famous Basaksehir Mosque, the Peoples Park, the Cham Medical City and Sakura, the largest hospital complex in Europe, which is located at the intersection of the new Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Canal projects .

Why Basaksehir ?

Basaksehir; It is the name of the bridge built between Turkey noble past and its visionary future. Architectural aesthetics with modern infrastructure, cultural richness with global values, comfortable life with smart city technologies, wide green areas with numerous social facilities. Başakşehir, where he lives, is the shining star of the modern Turkey of the future. Hosting dozens of global scale projects of Turkey Basaksehir; In addition to being one of the most value-added regions of Istanbul; Istanbul, with its socio-cultural richness, is taking firm steps towards becoming a true international brand that welcomes its guests from all nationalities. Our project aims to be the shining star of its region by serving the global plans of Başakşehir, the face of Istanbul. With our life center, Kayaşehir in particular, with the touristic and commercial activity to be experienced in the whole Başakşehir region in general, gains of investors will multiply rapidly. At the same time, with many reinforcements to be built within the scope of our project; both meeting the needs of the people of the region and making Başakşehir Making Istanbul the most modern tourism-trade center will create thousands of jobs and new job fields.

Is there a sale from the project ?

No, the title deed is not sold independently in any unit in this project, but according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, it is possible to become a shareholder in the entire project as a partner in the joint stock company

Under What Conditions Can I Participate in the Project ?

It is possible to participate to become a shareholder partner in the company by transferring shares in the shareholders agreement prepared in accordance with the relevant laws and legal regulations.

What Rights Do I Have in the Case of Acquiring Shares from the Company as Specified ?

Once the shopping center project is completed and up and running, you will have the right to receive dividends from the distributable net profit that the company will periodically (during the financial year) generate as a result of its activities (revenue from immovable operating property, income from rental, advertising revenue, revenue share revenue, etc. till then). If you leave the partnership (in case of transferring your share certificate), the rights to dividend or dividend will also expire

Why are we doing the project with this financing model ?

The main reasons for implementing a shopping center project with this financing model are: by meeting with partners or investors, the project is financed at lower costs, the interests of partners / investors increase, the speed and practicality of the project is gained. Moreover; By financing our project, which will be implemented without the use of bank loans, with this model, no significant financing costs will be incurred, while the profits of partners / investors have increased significantly.

All Capital Shares of the Company New Share Transferred to Owners for a Price ?

No. The capital of the company will be gradually increased to TL 450.000.000,- in exchange for 400 shares. Capital shares are divided into two as Group A Registered and B Group Bearer. Group A registered shares; Ins. Inc. with A.Ş. Since it belongs to what it belongs to, the circuit is not discussed. B Group Bearer share certificates are transferred to new shareholders/investors with a shareholder transfer agreement.

Who will run the project ?

The operational management of the tourism and commercial elements of our shopping center project, which will be realized on the most expensive tourist and commercial land in Basaksehir, will be carried out together with one of the most distinguished and largest management companies in the world