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The Best Historical Places to visit

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one from The Best Historical Places to visit . The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is located across from the Hagia Sophia to rival its beauty and splendor. It was built by the architect Sadaf Kar Mahmat Agha on the instructions of Sultan Ahmed I. - The construction of the mosque and complex began in 1609 AD, and the mosque was opened for worshipers in 1617 and the complex was opened in 1619. Sultan Ahmed I, his beloved teacher Aziz Mahmud, Sheikh al-Islam Muhammad Effendi, Grand Vizier Daoud Pasha and some great statesmen came and worked themselves in building the mosque. Sultanahmet complex is one of the largest complexes in Istanbul. Unfortunately, some parts of the complex, which consisted of a mosque, schools, the Sultan s pavilion, shops, bathroom, fountain, tomb, hospital, primary school, house and rented rooms, have not survived. The height of the Great Dome of the Blue Mosque is 43 meters above the ground. which has a diameter of 23.5 meters The main dome is also supported by four semi-domes. There are 260 windows decorated with stained glass that provide unique interior lighting for the mosque. - Foreigners called the Blue Mosque the "Blue Mosque" because of the presence of more than twenty thousand tiles used in the mosque s decorations and the shades of blue in its inscriptions. The only mosque with six minarets The biggest feature of the Blue Mosque is that it has six minarets. And it remained the only mosque in Turkey that has six minarets until a copy of it (the Sabanci Central Mosque) was built in Adana. Sultan Ahmed had added the seventh minaret to the Kaaba so that the mosque he built would not be equal to the Kaaba, which was the only temple with six minarets until that time. Mother-of-pearl inlaid door and window coverings, marble work on the minbar and mihrab, and the mosque s hand-carved ornaments add elegance to the mosque s beauty. Another feature that only the Blue Mosque has is the Sultan s Pavilion. Sultan Ahmed I is one of the most worshiped Ottoman sultans in the Sultan Pavilion, which was built next to the mosque in the outer courtyard of the complex Sultan Ahmed I, his wife and sons, Sultan Osman II, Murad IV and some of his grandchildren are buried in the tomb of the complex. Around the tomb is the madrasa, which is used as an archive for the Prime Minister s office today. The hospital and soup kitchen sections of the complex function as Sultan Ahmed Technical High School today.
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