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Small Model of the big Country

Miniaturk Park Istanbul is really Small Model of the big Country . Miniaturk is a place that gathers the architectural heritage of the civilizations that ruled and left their traces on this land. From antiquity to Rome, Byzantium, the Seljuk Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The preparation and preparation of the garden was completed on May 2, 2003 Miniaturk is a small model for a big country. where it contains 134 samples in total, 59 from Istanbul, 62 from Anatolia and 13 from the Ottoman lands outside Turkey. All models scale 1/25 of the true size. The park is not limited to Turkey and Turkish culture only. Rather, it bears life experiences in nearby geography, including the values ​​that give Anatolia its character three thousand years ago and until today, the relics of civilizations ruled by peace, tolerance and justice are collected in this garden. In Miniaturk Garden you will feel that everything is so original that you feel as if you are traveling across the country from east to west, from north to south. The total area of ​​Miniaturk is 60,000 square meters. It includes a restaurant, cafeteria and gift shop In addition to the existing models, the Crystal Museum, the war panorama and the parking area that can accommodate 300 cars Miniaturk Park is one of the first addresses in Istanbul for domestic and foreign tourists, and an ideal place for those who want to experience a great and quick tour of Turkey. In short, it is Turkey showcase.
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