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Istanbul Toy Museum is one Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Istanbul . Children can roam in a special world inside a five-story white wooden palace in Istanbul, which collects more than 10,000 ancient toys, collected from around the world, representing different eras, some dating back 300 years. That place is the "Istanbul Children s Toy Museum", which attracts the attention of adults before children. The Istanbul Children s Toy Museum is located in the Göztepe district of Istanbul, and was founded in 2005 by Sunay Akın, and is one of the five largest children s toy museums in the world. One of the most distinctive features of the museum is the dolls of different types and shapes, which were made hundreds of years ago in dozens of countries around the world, and were brought to this museum. The dolls wear different traditional costumes in Turkey, Germany and a number of countries around the world, such as folk and official costumes, pajamas, and work clothes in shops such as carpentry, blacksmithing, and perfumers stores. Hundreds of Turkish citizens, as well as foreign tourists, flock monthly to the Children s Toys Museum to see the historical pieces and collectibles of children s toys in a place that brings together the arts and customs of many countries, the most important of which are Turkey, Germany and the United States. After completing their tour of the museum, tourists can also buy modern children s dolls, which are located in a special section, made by hand and similar to what they saw inside the museum. The first section of the museum includes models of the old railways and their coal-fired trains, in the early twentieth century, and the representation of the workers who worked on them in the form of puppets, with an explanation of each line, its location and date of construction, in addition to the sound of the old trains in each room , to bring the image closer to the minds of visitors. As for the second section, it includes models of historical palaces in the world, such as Germany and Britain, dolls for the people who live in them, models of houses, bridges and seaports at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, and all kinds of ships and steamships in the same period, in addition to models of primitive tractors, and many more. From machines such as saws and drills, and old games such as billiards, tennis, basketball and football. The third section is devoted to civil defense tools, where there are boxes containing civil defense tools in the twentieth century, and pictures of civil defense men and paramedics in the form of handmade dolls, such as planes, the center building, cars and tractors, and the tools that were used in the United States in 1930, and in Japan were displayed. 1950, Germany in 1920, Portugal in 1950, and Turkey in 1960. The fourth section of the museum embodies for visitors the scene of the streets and traffic at the beginning of the last century, through models of traffic flow, through traffic lights, cars, horse carriages and primitive petrol stations, in addition to military cars that were used in World War I, and embodying the movement of people and their sitting in the form of dolls. children. In the fifth section, there is a box containing dozens of German motorcycles, in the form of small models, between 1910 and 1960, in addition to old cars in Turkey in 1960, with models of costumes for people who owned bicycles at the time. As for the old wars, they are embodied in the sixth section, where the war between the American Indians and the Americans, and cowboy battles, in addition to displaying all types of warplanes since the beginning of their manufacture in Japan, America, Germany and France, during the period between 1910 and 1950, such as troop transport, landing and amphibious aircraft, In addition to the old airport that houses those planes. There is a special section that includes dolls of Turkish fighters in the First and Second World Wars, in addition to many dolls of Turkish soldiers in the period between 1900 and 1920, and the military parades that were in Germany from 1930 to 1944 were embodied, with a hologram of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler He addresses the soldiers, as well as palaces in the German capital, Berlin. Sunay Akin, owner of the Istanbul Children s Toy Museum, told the story of his founding of the museum and his idea, saying: "I founded the museum in 2005, and I took his idea during my visit to a toy museum in Germany, about 25 years ago, and I saw that there was an opportunity to implement this idea, which It was a dream of mine to establish a special historical museum for children in Turkey, and indeed I succeeded in implementing the idea.” He continued, "Visitors come to the museum from all countries of the world; Because this place addresses everyone, and the building consists of five floors, and contains the most important monuments in the history of games in the world, and our museum is among the five most important museums in the world.” He pointed out that the oldest toys in the museum date back to 1700 and later, and we bought these toys from antiques collectors. The museum s visitors expressed their admiration for his idea, and expressed their happiness to see the old games that their grandparents used to play with in their childhood. After a tour of the past and its innocent childhood, visitors can have tea and coffee and take a break in the cafe attached to the museum.
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